The Right Silicon IP

In addition to our design service offering, EnSilica have developed a portfolio of IP cores that can be used within customer designs to deliver a high quality and silicon proven solution in a number of key application areas.Selecting the right silicon IP is critical to the success of any project and EnSilica offer a broad portfolio of silicon-proven IP. From a range of embedded RISC cores, through to cryptography, communications, connectivity, analog and radar processing there is an EnSilica IP core available to meet most requirements. All our IP blocks are supplied with high-quality, low-level drivers.

Our in-house IPs are combined with a successful track record of selecting and integrating the right 3rd party IPs into custom designs.


eSi-RISC is a highly configurable 16/32-bit
microprocessor architecture for embedded systems
that scales across a wide range of applications; smart
sensors, IoT devices, touch controllers, medical
appliances, and more.
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EnSilica’s silicon proven analog IP solutions enable its customers to be successful in dynamic and competitive markets where analog circuitry continues to play a key role in a systems performance and capabilities. The broad range of IP solutions on offer can be adapted to customers’ specifications reducing time-to-market and cost. Where required EnSilica can work with customers on full SOC integration.
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The eSi-Connect IP suite provides simple to integrate functions from widely used off-chip serial interfaces such as I2C, SPI and UART to control functions including Timer, Real-time clock, Watchdog and GPIO. The blocks are configurable and provided with low-level software drivers suitable for real-time SoC deployment.  Read More


To support communications based ASIC designs we have built an enviable OFDM IP portfolio (under the eSi-Comms brand) which is instrumental in providing a platform for custom and standards-based designs. This IP is highly parameterised and suitable for many of the current air interface standards like WLAN, WiMax, DVB and DAB. Read More


EnSilica provide a comprehensive range of encryption and authentication IP for ASIC and FPGA targets with low resource usage and high throughput.  Read More


The EnSilica eSi-ADAS IP core provides a cost-effective ASIC or FPGA solution to enhancing overall system performance and capabilities of radar-based advanced driver assistance systems as well as drones, UAV and UGVs requiring fast and responsive situational awareness using multiple sensors.  Read More

The eSi-Floating Point IP cores perform single-precision (32-bit) and double-precision (64-bit) floating-point arithmetic according to the IEEE 754-2008 standard.  Read More

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