Embedded Electronic Design

EnSilica is a specialist embedded electronics design consultancy that has rapidly expanded delivering complex, high quality solutions across broad market sectors. Our expertise lies in high-speed board design having a significant FPGA firmware or software content.  In addition we offer analog and digital electronics development from system specification to detailed component level circuit design, prototyping and testing. We support schematic capture and layout using Mentor PADS, Mentor Expedition and Altium Designer. As a rule, we apply Signal and Power Integrity analysis to high speed interfaces like DDR3, PCIe, SRIO and GTX ensuring reliable operation across voltage and temperature corners.

Experts in Embedded Electronic Design

You can have confidence in our Software team undertaking a full range of Platform and Application development covering embedded firmware, real-time operating systems, web services and user interfaces. Our expertise is particularly strong in Device Driver programming, low level interfacing and configuring Linux with a minimal set of packages for the end application.  Recent projects include interfacing FPGAs to VGA, DVI and HDMI, interfacing FPGAs to Camera sensors and implementing Linux® video frame buffers on Xilinx Zynq and Cyclone V SoC. Specific programming languages covered are C, C++, C#, .Net, PHP and JAVA, together with database access through MySQL.

Whether you are a small owner-managed business seeking a proof of concept or a mature larger OEM operating in challenging markets requiring an upgrade, fix or new product development, we maintain a common sense, open partnering approach based on our knowledge and expertise.

Design for Manufacture

We follow a rigorous design procedure whether we are developing a simple PCB board, fully functional complex electronics for a scientific instrument or a safety critical gas analyser for the Oil & Gas industry. more

Electronic Circuit Design

EnSilica specialise in complex board level designs having high speed interfacing and often one or more FPGAs, microprocessors or DSPs.  Our unique combination of hardware, firmware and software expertise ensure both the breadth and depth of knowledge your design needs to be right first time. more

Software Development

Our software teams have expertise in developing applications and device drivers for a diverse range of markets. We work to a continuous iteration model of “plan, design, implement, test”  and use the best parts of agile development coupled with an innovative  Constrained Random Testing Environment. more

Application Knowledge

EnSilica’s consultants have developed an enviable breadth of technical knowledge across  a number of key application areas that span multiple market sectors including experience in; Wireless, RF, Interfacing, Processors, Security and Video/Broadcast.

Market Sectors

Through our combination of technical expertise, IP and industry knowledge, EnSilica have helped customers across a number of high growth markets to achieve competitive advantage and sales success for their products.

  • Medical & Digital Health
  • Automotive & Transport
  • Industrial & Energy Control
  • Defence & Aerospace
  • Wireless Communication
  • Security
  • Consumer and IoT

eSi Modules

The eSi-ZM1 module provides a fast and proven route to production that helps lower cost the cost and accelerate the  time-to-market for our customers electronic sub-systems. The eSi-SM family of FPGA SoC based modules combine a high performance Xilinx Zynq FPGA with a convenient set of peripherals in a compact form factor.  The EnSilica BSP (Board Support Package) provides access to the FPGA fabric raw computing power, whilst the dual-core ARM subsystem runs Linux delivers security, network services, file system and user applications. more

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