Core Design Capabilities

Our world-class design capabilities ensure that your next IC or systems project will deliver the competitive advantage you are looking for while reducing product development costs, timescales and risk across SoC, ASIC, FPGA and Embedded solutions.

  • Sensing & Control

    Smart products need smart sensing and this starts with smart design and control. Our teams have extensive experience integrating complex, multiple sensor solutions across a wide range of industry standards & architectures.

    • Sensor Integration
      • ADC (SAR & ΣΔ)
    • Multiple Sensor Integration
      • Motion, magnetic, gases, respiration, thermal,
        humidity, bio functions etc.
    • Processor Integration
      • EnSilica, ARM, Cadence, Synopsys etc.
    • Low-Power Signal Processing
      • Always on-sensors
  • Low-Power

    With 100’s of successful designs completed, EnSilica has developed the specialist low-power design expertise required to address the growing requirements for low-energy devices and extended battery life.

    • Low-Power SoC Design
      • Multiple power modes
    • Low-Power Oscillators, PLLs
    • Power Management
      • DC-DC, LDO
    • Voltage / Frequency scaling
      • With sub-1V operation, power gating
    • Custom Logic Design – Thick Oxide Libraries
  • RF / Radio

    Our specialist RF design teams have the project-proven experience to deliver class-leading GHz and sub-GHz solutions, including BLE, NFC, WiFi and custom designs.

    • Low Power GHz and Sub-GHz Radio
      • Sub-1V operation
    • BT Classic, BLE, WiFi, 802.15, NFC
    • Custom Radio Designs
    • Standard Cellular Integration
      • 3G & 4G
    • Radar Signal Processing
  • Security and Encryption

    EnSilica’s comprehensive encryption and authentication experience and IPs help protect your device and data from cyber threats.

    • Hardware Encryption Engines
      • AES, ECC, ECDSA, RSA, SHA1/2/3 for accelerating TLS/SSL
    • Random Number, Device ID, Key Storage
    • Protection Access of Resources
      • Keys, peripherals, crypto engines & memory
    • Secure Boot & Firmware Authentication
    • Side Channel Attack
    • Attack and Tamper Protection